Get Rid of Dark Energy - The Power of 3
Please contact for more details. 40 minute session. Availability & price upon request.
Crystal Coaching x 3 sessions
Crystal coach. Helping you to be the best version of yourself by using coaching techniques alongside the magical powers of crystals to manifest your dream life.   Here are some of the things we will be will be working on....
Fertility Freedom Dual Healing
Fertility Freedom dual healing session with Shenel & Fay. Availability upon request. 
Trans(formational) Healing with Shenel & Fay
Calling all beautiful souls! We are beyond excited to announce a groundbreaking new offering at The Crystal Company that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the transformative power of energy healing. Step into our tranquil sanctuary and allow the loving energy of...
Birth Chart Reading with Astrologer Jem
Availability upon request.
Reiki Healing with Fay
Availability: Tuesdays 5pm, Fridays 5pm, Mondays 1-4pm & Thursdays 1-4pm   What will happen during a Reiki treatment? On your visit, you will be warmly greeted by me in our beautiful space. We will go through any questions you have,...
Crystal Healing with Shenel
Availability upon request.
DUAL Healing with Shenel & Fay
Availability upon request. Embark on this journey with us and discover the profound benefits of our dual sessions, where you and another can embrace tranquility, deepen your connection, and foster a sense of unity and balance. This dual healing is not just...
Tarot Reading with Ruby
Availability upon request.
Sacred Ceremony with Fay & Ruby
Date availability upon request
Reflexology with Christine
Availability upon request.
Hypnotherapy with Barbara
*Transformational Hypnotherapy is £150 Availability upon request.
Acupuncture with Dan
Availability upon request
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