Sound Bath with Yannique
10-11am During a sound bath, you’ll enter a meditative state that encourages the brain to emit healing brainwaves. This soothing practise is known to promote - Deep relaxation, relief from discomfort, improved sleep quality, elevated mood, greater body awareness and reduction...
Reiki First Degree 25th & 26th May
Reiki first degree 25th & 26th May   Are you ready to elevate your spiritual journey to new heights? If so, embarking on the path of Reiki First Degree may be the perfect next step for you.   The Reiki...
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) Course running for 9 weeks with half day retreat included
Mindfulness’ is being present, self-aware, and engaged in each moment, enabling us to experience life in a fully embodied way. Mindfulness can contribute to a calmer, less stressed and satisfied life. There is a body of evidence that undertaking the...
Crystal Healing LV2. 13th & 14th July
Crystal Healing Level 2 Practitioner’s course.   Elevate your crystal healing skills with our immersive two-day Crystal Healing Level Two Practitioner Certification Course, which expands on the foundational knowledge from Level One. Delve into the advanced crystal healing techniques of...
Crystal Healing LV1. 4th & 5th May.
Thank you for your interest in Crystal Healing Level 1.   Crystal Healing Level 1 is a comprehensive 2-day course that requires attendance on both days from 10 am to 3 pm. During the course, you will delve into the...
My Crystal Shop. 3:30 to 5pm. 7 to 10 Yr olds
**My Crystal Shop for Children** I'm thrilled to introduce a new workshop at my crystal shop where children can actively participate and learn about crystals. The workshop will focus on engaging children in various tasks like:   - Holding and...
Fertility Freedom Dual Healing
Fertility Freedom dual healing session with Shenel & Fay. Availability upon request. 
Trans(formational) Healing with Shenel & Fay
Calling all beautiful souls! We are beyond excited to announce a groundbreaking new offering at The Crystal Company that celebrates diversity, inclusivity, and the transformative power of energy healing. Step into our tranquil sanctuary and allow the loving energy of...
DUAL Healing with Shenel & Fay
Availability upon request. Embark on this journey with us and discover the profound benefits of our dual sessions, where you and another can embrace tranquility, deepen your connection, and foster a sense of unity and balance. This dual healing is not just...
Gong Bath with Nick
*To purchase a ticket for this event please click on the below link. Tuesday 30th January 7:00-8:15pm £18 Enter the New Year in this cosy, high vibrational setting surrounded by crystals, salt lamps, candles and fairy lights. Just lay...
Crystal & Tarot Circle with Shenel & Ruby
7:00-9:00pm £20 This spiritual duo will be delving deep into the captivating realms of tarot and crystals. With their extensive experience and passion, Shenel & Ruby will take you on a journey of learning and exploration. You will discover the mysteries and...
Shamanic Evening with Les & Jacci
Tuesday 30th April 7:30-9:30pm This workshop will help you to reveal and inspire your true self. Les has been a shamanic practitioner for over 40 years. The duo started out as well known mediums and during that time serving in spiritual...
Sacred Ceremony with Fay & Ruby
Date availability upon request
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