Developing your psychic abilities workshop

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Join us at The Crystal Company London Spiritual and Holistic Academy on Saturday 25th March as we welcome internationally renowned Psychic Mediums Ricky and Helen Walker for a powerful day of Mediumship training and demonstration.


Psychic Mediums Ricky and Helen Walker present a “spirited,” supportive, and experiential workshop intended to help you tap into and develop your own psychic and medium abilities. You will each personally experience connecting with the Spirit world as you learn how to receive and present messages from loved ones!


Our intentions are to help you gain confidence and further understanding of your attunement to the Spirit realm. Trust in self is the most important foundation on which to build any skill, especially if you wish to build good mediumship. If you wish to start with a good introduction and foundation into mediumship to build your pillars of trust upon, then this program will offer you that opportunity.


The exciting program for the day, which starts promptly, is:


10:00- Introduction into Mediumship

10:30- Clearing the Mind Meditation
           Sitting in the Power
           Visualization to Exercise the Ability to Use Your Imagination
           Preparation to Work with Mediumship
           Learning to Connect with Spirit

11:15- Exploring Your Own Gift and Strengthen Your Ability to Blend with Spirit
           Understanding the Mechanics of Mediumship
           Group Work            
           Recognizing Signs
           Building Your Vocabulary with Imagination
           Trusting Clues
           How to Deliver a Message
           Platform Work- Demonstrating Connections to a Group

12:15- Pairing Off for One-to-One Readings

1:00-   Lunch Break (Bring own, or nearby resturaunts) 

2:00-   Sitting in the Power Meditation
           Pairing Off for Psychometry Readings- Working with Personal Objects, i.e. Photos, Jewelry, etc.
           Feedback and Interactions with Tutors

3:00-   Volunteer Platform Work with Students

3:30-   Q and A with Tutors

3:45-   Inspirational Talk

4:00-   Platform Readings with Ricky and Helen
           Closing Comments

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Developing your psychic abilities workshop
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