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11cm tall 

These beautiful pieces Have a strong clearing effect on both the physical and energetic body.

It is a high vibration crystal that will assist you in solving problems. It is great to sever past life karmic cords and/or etheric ties to others from this life.

Hackmanite is known to support the development of intuitive gifts and assist you to let go of fear that may be making you hesitant to move forward.

They are powerful stones to use in meditation as they assist you to make a deeper and stronger in connection to Spirit.

Once clearing has finished, it will leave you in a profound state of relaxation, aiding deep meditation and improving sleep patterns.

It is great for Clearing stagnant energy from the Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakras, leaving them feeling full and energised.

It is also great for Balancing

male/female energy and strengthens the Heaven/Earth connection.

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