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Zebra Aragonite

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A bringer of truth and understanding, Zebra Aragonite has the ability to remove the fog and clouds behind these feelings and enable the user to make clear decisions. It enables the user to get to the bottom of any problems and provide clarity and stability as well as relieve the effects of stress and fatigue

About Our Rough Crystals:

Our high quality and ethically sourced stones such as Amethyst, Obsidian, Calcite and more. We offer easily attained crystals to the rarer selection in the gemstone market such as Natural Citrine, Black Kyanite, Turquoise and much more.

Rough or Raw crystals are untarnished stones with their unique natural energy intact. They are handled with superlative care because rough crystals are extremely powerful and therapeutic for the chakra and auric energies. Rough crystals can change perspective, instill new energies and connect you with Mother Gaia.

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Zebra Aragonite
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